Instant water purifier with microbiological action


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PURAFILTRA is unique in the Brazilian market. We apply the latest in water filtration technology with intelligent design to remove 99.99% of bacteria, virus, parasites, and particulates at attractive costs. Our technology does not use chemicals, does not require electricity, and is long-lasting. Our filters are tested by international and Brazilian labs certified by the INMETRO government control agency.

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Manufacturer / Importer:

Versati Com. E Ind. EIRELLI
CNPJ 61.798.450/0001-66
IE 244.381.553.114
Phone.: (19) 3255-5516


Av. Prof. Dea E. Carvalho, 2981
Campinas, SP – CEP 13.101-664

Purafiltra Customer Service:
Phone.: (85) 4042-1058

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